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Product Details

Walnut Aspirators provide the extra performance needed to handle in-shell Pecans and Walnuts. The special design features of the Jessee WASP (Walnut Aspirator) makes aspiration effective with the heavy in-shell Pecans and Walnuts. When installed on the “Wet End” of the hulling process, sub standard (light weight) nuts can be removed from premium nuts before being sent to the dehydrator. When installed on the “Dry End”, after the dehydrator, they can make a final sort before being sent to packing or shelling. By introducing the product into the air stream the air signal is allowed to act directly on the product and allows more accurate adjustment and separation. Product is typically fed into the air stream by means of a vibratory feed pan which is integrated into the Aspirator venturi. Optional mounting configurations make retro-fitting or new installations very flexible. Benefits include:

  • Simple design is easy to adjust and maintain.
  • Time proven durability of mechanical and drive components.
  • Heavy Duty industrial blowers provide trouble free service.
  • Available in widths: 24”, 36”, 48” and 60”.
  • Other configurations upon request.