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Product Details

Jessee Desticker/Trashperator Unit increases the capacity and performance of your Hulling Line. No matter how careful you or your customers are in harvesting your product, sticks, leaves and debris are going to make their way to your Processing Line. Getting them out as early in the cleaning process as possible will minimize their impact on the rest of your system. Introducing product from the Pit Elevator into the Jessee Desticker will remove large sticks and debris from Walnuts before they can damage your equipment. Heavy duty laser cut “Combs” are welded to a positive chain drive which results in a durable machine that can withstand the punishment of your worst product. Once the large sticks and debris are removed the Walnuts are directed to the Trashperator. The Trashperator is a high capacity, extra heavy duty Trash Aspirator that removes twigs, leaves, free hull and even some blank Walnuts without any damage to the good product. Available in widths 24″, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” to fit your plant capacity