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Product Details

Utilizing proven technology and innovative ideas, the TRAXX Huller addresses many of the problems usually associated with nut hulling machines. Ease of installation, operation and maintenance makes the TRAXX Huller the #1 choice for new installation and huller upgrades. Features include:

  • Positive conveyor drive provides reliable, consistent feed reducing channeling of nuts while constantly self cleaning.
  • Two axis brush plate adjustment allows fine tuning of brush pressure and angle to maximize nut hulling operation.
  • Stainless Steel knives accelerate hulling and reduce brush pressure and wear.
  • Easy-open cover allows quick access to nut hulling brushes and TRAXX conveyor for cleaning and inspection.
  • Light weight brush plates allow for convenient, easy replacement of nut hulling wire or cable
  • Pressurized water nozzles flush hulling plates and brushes.
  • Variable Frequency Drive allows higher volume as hulling season progresses.