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Product Details

Almond Pre-Hulling increases plant efficiency by removing loose and free hull from Almonds before they go to storage bins to be hulled. This uses storage bins more efficiently and reduces degradation of the Almond hulls. The Jessee Almond Pre-Huller gently loosens in-shell Almonds from the Almond hulls without breaking hulls into small pieces. When the Pre-Hulled Almonds are introduced into a Jessee Aspirator (optional) a substantial amount of hulls can be removed and sent directly to the hull pile without being broken down and co-mingled with in-shell product. Three separate adjustments allows for fine tuning of Pre-Hulling operation and changes in product size. Benefits include:

  • Simple design and heavy duty construction provides years of trouble free operation.
  • Large, easy-opening access door makes cleaning and maintenance fast and easy.
  • Non-sparking aircraft aluminum “beater bars”.