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Product Details

Jessee All Nut Crackers changed the standards for shell-out and half count in the walnut shelling industry. The first Jessee Walnut Cracker was put into a commercial Walnut Shelling plant in 1993. Since that time they have consistently provided our customers with more halves and large pieces and less small pieces and meal, netting them a product that is easy to package and market. Available options make the basic All Nut Cracker an exceptional cracker for Pistachios and Hazelnuts too. Benefits include:


  • Heavy duty construction to provide years of service.
  • Replaceable liners are Thermal Metal Spray coated to extend life of shelling surface.
  • Liners are easily accessed and replaced to minimize down time and maximize shell-out.
  • Provided with built-in aspiration chamber that makes adding air separation to the cracker easy and cost effective.
  • Available in 2-sizes to match your shelling needs.