Standard  Hulling System

10 Ton Hulling Line ed













Hulling Lines We Offer the Following Systems:

1.  Compact 10-tons/hour hulling line

2.  10-tons/hour hulling line

3.  16-tons/hour hulling line

4.  22-tons/hour hulling line

5.  30-tons/hour hulling line

6.  Larger upon request

All Hulling line capacities are based on the output of the system.

What Makes a Jessee Hulling System Unique are the Following Features:

  • Flow-through design
  • Excellent rock removal using the added depth of our stainless steel rock tank
  • De-watering System
  • Complete catwalk with cross-over bridges to easily access both sides of the hulling line
  • Debris containment
  • Fully automated touch screen controls