In-Shell Cleaning and Sizing Systems

Inshell Ed













Key Features:

  • Remove residual debris, rocks, sticks, leaves from product
  • Provide rapid and gentle separation of various-sized product
  • Prepare product for direct sale to in-shell market
  • Turnkey system including pre-wired electrical motor control in multiple voltages


JESSEE 10,000 to 20,000 lbs./hour PRE‐CLEANING SYSTEM:
Specific Components Included:
1‐ Receiving box turner
1‐ 20’ pre‐clean conveyor with trash hopper
1‐ Electric eye sorter
1‐ 48” aspirator, vibratory feed and remote off-fall tank over bin
1‐ 10’-by-4’ three-lane inspection table
1‐ Bucket elevator to product diverter

JESSEE 10,000 to 20,000 lbs./hour IN‐SHELL SIZING SYSTEM:
Specific Components Included:
1‐ First stage scalper for Jumbo’s
1‐ Sizing deck for 3-size sorting into customer provided bins
1‐ Bucket elevator to surge bin
1‐ Surge Bin and stand
(Scale, sewing, and palletizing not included)

Other Options:
Shelling line direct feed different layout configuration available
Super sack filling PLC controls