Multi-Deck Shelling Systems

4k MD Shelling Ed

Jessee Multi-Deck Shelling Systems

  1. 4,000 lbs./hour multi-deck shelling line
  2. 8,000 lbs./hour multi-deck shelling Line
  3. Larger upon request

Please note that all of our shelling capacities are based in the in-shell walnut weight on the infeed of the system, not the meat output capacity.

Key Features:

  • Designed for oversea container shipping
  • Commercial separation and sizing
  • Easy to operate with minimal manpower
  • Turnkey system including pre-wired electrical motor control in multiple voltage options
  • Consistent high meat yield and minimum shell output
  • Optional shell removal configurations available

What makes a Jessee shelling system unique:

  • Cone-shaped all-nut cracker
  • High-frequency sizing decks
  • Easy access catwalk deck
  • Fully automated touch screen controls

Standard features in a 4K MD system include:

  • Specific components from receiving to Venturi exits
  • Bin dumper and surge hopper
  • In‐shell bucket elevator
  • Cracker surge and feeder system with roll sizer
  • Work platform along one side of cracker main line
  • Model 2400 all-nut crackers
  • Model 2400 re-cracker
  • Additional bucket elevators
  • Sizing decks, mild steel construction with stainless steel contact surfaces
  • (1) 4’-by-8’ halves scalping deck, (1) 4’-by-6’ halves shaker, and (1) 4’-by-10’ pieces shaker
  • Various sized aspirators for:
  • Cracker, re‐cracker, small piece, medium piece, large piece and halves
  • Meal auger
  • Off-fall tank stand
  • Vibratory collection conveyor straight to bins
  • Blower and stand integrated into frame
  • Quick-connect duct package for aspirators
  • Re‐crack return
  • Control panel ready for field terminations to blower, shell conveyor and airlock motors
  • Design, set up with test and all loading onto customer-provided carrier