Final Inspection Clean Room

Inspection Lanes ed












Key Features:

  • Available in different layout configurations
  • Expandable design for future capacities
  • Blending and variable-speed sorting
  • User-friendly inspection table
  • Designed to integrate in varying scale and packaging lines
  • Turnkey system including pre-wired electrical motor control in multiple voltage options
  • Individual lane aspiration
  • Bag house dust filter unit comes standard


Jessee Standard 4-Lane Inspection Line Equipment List:

4‐ Bulk bin stand and Vib feeder unit (multiple discharge levels available)
4‐ 12” remote Venturi (one for each line) with magnet
8‐ Manual inspection conveyor (two for each line)
1‐ Main bucket elevator
1‐ 18″ remote aspirator
1‐ Dust collection bag house with off‐fall tank (four bags)
1‐ Control panel
1‐ Design, set up with test and all loading onto customer-provided carrier