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Product Details

Jessee Stadium Dryer Standard Package includes:

  1. Bolt-Together construction “No Weld Assembly”
  2. Galvanized Panels
  3. Easy Down Chutes
  4. (2) Door Discharge, Manual or Automated
  5. (4) Louver Dampers, Manual or Automated
  6. Bin Access Doors
  7. Burner Tunnel with Access Doors
  8. Designed for Shipping in Oversea Container “Ships Flat”
  9. 6-Ton Capacity per Bin
  10. Total Capacity available up to 72 Tons per Dry Row

Optional Equipment To Consider:

  • Automated Damper Controls
  • PLC or Push Button Control Panel
  • Moisture Control Metering
  • Automated Infeed & Discharge Conveyor Systems